GMB Evolution


9-seat PLB

"Pak Pai" vehicles established their popularity in the 1960s and minibuses were then legalized as Public Light Buses (PLBs).


14-seat PLB

The second generation PLBs appeared in the 1970s and the capacity has been increased to 14 seats in this period.


First Generation Air-conditioned PLBs

The first generation air-conditioned PLBs were introduced in early 1980s and the capacity has been increased to 16-seats since 1988.


16-seat PLBs

In early 1990s, a larger front destination display was introduced for new PLBs. This provides clearer route information to the passengers.


First Generation Premium PLBs

The first generation premium PLBs equipped with high-backed seats were introduced on HKI Route No.8 since 1995.


Trial on electric PLBs

To support the launch of "Alternative-fuelled light buses trial scheme" by The Government, 2 full-electric PLBs were introduced as a trial for 6 months.


First Generation Mass Production LPG PLBs

The first batch of mass production LPG PLBs were introduced on Tai Po routes.


Euro 3 Diesel Long-wheel Base PLBs

Euro 3 diesel long-wheel base PLBs, equipped with high-backed seats and luggage rack, were introduced for service improvements.


Second Generation Euro 3 Diesel Long-wheel Base PLBs

Second generation Euro 3 diesel long-wheel base PLBs, equipped with horizontal handrails and door open/closing alarms, were introduced for enhancing the safety to passengers.


Euro 4 Diesel Long-wheel Base PLBs

Euro 4 diesel long-wheel base PLBs were introduced to support The Government's environmental protection policy.


Trial on Diesel-electric Hybrid PLBs

To support the The Government's environmental protection policy, 2 diesel-electric hybrid PLBs were introduced in 2015 for a trial scheme of 2 years.


New Generation LPG Long-wheel Base PLBs

New generation LPG long-wheel base PLBs, equipped with high-backed individual seats and side handles, were introduced in 2016.


New Generation 19-seat LPG PLBs

To cope with the new increase of the maximum seating capacity of light buses from 16 to 19, new generation 19-seat LPG PLBs were introduced in Sep 2017. LED route information signs and individual high-backed seats are the standard configurations of new vehicles.


1st Low-floor Wheel-chair PLB in Hong Kong

The 1st low-floor wheel-chair PLB was introduced into Hong Kong in Jan 2018. The vehicle is supplied by Optare in UK, equipped with wheel-chair space, high-backed seats with 3-point seatbelts, wireless call bell and LCD information display onboard the bus compartment.


19-seat Euro 5 Diesel PLBs with Automatic Transmission

19-seat Euro 5 diesel PLBs with automatic transmission have been introduced to enhance the driving comfortability of bus captains. The vehicles are also equipped with LED route number signs at the door side, enhancing the ease of recognition by the passengers.